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FLYWHEEL: Director's Cut is a movie that challenges viewers to think about how they conduct themselves, both in business and in their ongoing close relationships. Jay Austin is a man who will do whatever it takes to make a sale. Through God's grace, he discovers that people are more important than money.

This is a message that many in our world need to hear ... today! Through the Bulk Sales program from Provident Films, you can order DVDs at a discounted rate that you can then make available to clients, customers, employees, and others in your community or church.

When you purchase at least 30 DVDs (one case), you will receive a 40-percent discount on the per-unit cost. You can provide the DVD:
  • For free or at your discounted rate
  • As promotional or outreach-focused gifts
  • As a fundraising opportunity by reselling them at the retail rate.
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